2014 Symposium on When the State Speaks, What Should It Say?
in the Brooklyn Law Review

Legitimacy and Autonomy - Frank I. Michelman
Freedom of Expression and the Golden Mean - Steven G. Calabresi
Democratic Rhetoric: How Should the State Speak? - Josiah Ober
You’re All Individuals: Brettschneider on Free Speech - Andrew Koppelman
Liberty, Equality, and State Responsibilities - Robin West
The Liberal Tightrope: Brettschneider on Free Speech - Sarah Song
Democratic Persuasion and Freedom of Speech: A Response - Corey Brettschneider

2012 Symposium on Democratic Rights in Law, Culture and the Humanities

The Substance of Self-Government - James E Fleming
Privacy and Democracy: What the Secret Ballot Reveals - Annabelle Lever
On the Co-originality of Liberalism and Democracy - Jeffrey Edward Green

2011 "Critical Exchange" on "A Transformative Theory of Religious Freedom,"
in Political Theory

A Restrained View of Transformation - Jeff Spinner-Halev
Free and Equal Citizenship and Non-profit Status: A Reply to Spinner-Halev - Corey Brettschneider

2011 Symposium on Democratic Rights in Representation

Introduction: Symposium on Democratic Rights - Simon Cabulea May
On the Relation Between Democracy and Rights - Anna Stilz
Democracy as an Inflationary Concept - Eric Beerbohm
A Democratic Right to Privacy: Political or Perfectionist? - Loren King
Getting Personal with Citizens and Criminals: Comments on Democratic Rights and Punishment - James Lindley Wilson
Against Democratic Contractualism - Alex Zakaras
Judicial Review and the Value Theory of Democracy - Alon Harel
Defending the Value Theory of Democracy: A Response to Six Critics - Corey Brettschneider

2009 "Critical Exchange" on Democratic Rights in The Journal of Politics

Review of Democratic Rights - Thomas Christiano
Response to Christiano - Corey Brettschneider

2008 "Critical Dialogue" on Democratic Rights in Perspectives on Politics

Review of Democratic Rights - Melissa Schwartzberg
Response to Schwartzberg - Corey Brettschneider

2007 "Critical Exchange" on "The Rights of the Guilty," in Political Theory

Consent and the Legitimacy of Punishment: Response to Brettschneider - Frank Lovett
Unreasonable Disagreement: Reply to Lovett - Corey Brettschneider